Be Prepared For The New Year With
ENVISION 2022: Life & Business Planning Method

You have made a significant investment in yourself in deciding to join Envision 2022. Completing the workbooks will lead you through a deep process to gain perspective and insights into the year that has passed , and the year to come.

I want to thank you for your contribution to The ‘Peace On Earth’ Giving Project. Please know that you are providing much-needed water, food, and healthcare to those that really need your help.

Below are links to two PDF workbooks: Envision - 2022 Year Review and Envision - 2022 the year ahead. To get the most out of this process, complete both workbooks before you attend the live session in January.

Watch out in your Inbox because I will be sending you an email with the next steps in the process. 

It's great to have you on board!