Nothing is as infectious as energy, It affects your prosperity, your relationships and your health and well-being. Everyone knows when you’re not resonant - do you?”

Jayne Warrilow
JW International

developing resonance in relationships, professional careers and life

Resonance is the true alignment of energy in relationship with someone or something else. It gives us clarity for how we show up physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in our life. It calls us to become more of who we really are, to show up whole and open our eyes a little wider to the world.

Resonance inspires and moves us – powerfully, passionately and purposefully – to fulfill our potential. It enables us to embrace life completely.

With a greater understanding of resonance, we can create powerful connections and effectively drive transformation and conscious change in our personal lives, professional careers and even global organizations.


Developing resonance is foundational for your ongoing success. And best of all, when developed energetically, changes made in your life are not only profound – they are sustainable.

It is time for you to... Be radical. Be real. Be resonant.

personal growth

Generate breakthrough results in your personal and professional life with our transformational learning tools & techniques. Awaken to a larger, more connected and vibrationally aligned “you.”

Learn to embrace the power of your own unique energy, gain clarity and grow into the natural flow of your life. It is time to bring your contribution to the world and make a real difference.


coach certification & training

Coaching is undergoing an evolution. There is a growing need for coaches to support the development of their clients to an energetic, integrated level of awareness.

Both emerging and experienced master coaches around the world are seeking out our Resonant Coach programs.

Expand your horizons and deliver exceptional results – for your clients and for those they serve.


leadership development

We go beyond the usual leadership development approach to develop a new class of leaders with the ability to move hearts and souls. We help clients around the world to develop leaders, transform cultures and create energizing and rewarding connections both inside and out of their organizations.

Our results have a significant impact on your performance and your bottom line.