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Jayne Warrilow
JW International

The power of resonance

jayne warrilow

Visionary author and resonance expert Jayne Warrilow knows how to unleash the power of energetic potential to achieve breakthroughs and develop resonant relationships for success in business and life. Jayne has enabled top executives worldwide to transform the efficacy of their leadership through the engagement of resonance with themselves, one another, their employees and customers. She enables leaders to become real people, promoting positive energy to build conscious businesses and lead resonant lives.


A recognized thought leader in the global coaching community, Jayne and her company, JW International, are committed to large scale and individual transformation through the principles of resonance. Her growing body of work through her brand “Resonant Coaching” is having a significant impact on the coaching profession as she redefines coaching conversations using the language of resonance to accelerate both coach and client results. Her unique methods have brought the flow of energy into the C-Suites of global corporations. She has completed extensive work with executives and senior leaders of technology, retail and hospitality, financial and government organizations.

unleash the power of your energetic potential

Keenly intuitive and insightful, Jayne is a sought after speaker who knows exactly how to captivate audiences with her lively and energetic presentations. Compelling insights mixed with engaging exercises comprise Jayne’s distinctive presentations to men and women seeking clear business results, leadership advancement and extraordinary personal development.

Jayne is an active member of the International Coach Federation and the International Institute of Coaching, as well as a featured blogger for the ICF. She is an experienced writer and public speaker, valued for her unique insights on fully engaged leadership, work-life balance, resonant coaching and harnessing the conscious energy of an organization.

After more than 20 years in leadership development and following her own profound healing journey Jayne has found her calling. It is her passion and her life’s work to awaken people to their full potential, to reconnect them to their own energy, transforming not only their thinking but their way of being in the world.

energy is everything and resonance is key

“While every business needs to make money to thrive, Jayne understands that business can be born out of your life purpose and calling for world service. She is an authentic role model who is aware of energy and can help you go to the next level in business, in a way that is in alignment with your values and goals.” - Nancy Bevers,