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Facebook may have started out as a community app but that idea is long gone. These days, Facebook is a business, first and foremost.

The two big changes that have happened recently are:

1. Choking a post's reach by limiting how many people actually see a particular post
2. Changing the view settings by automatically switching members of groups to receive “HIGHLIGHTS” instead of “ALL POSTS”

In this article I am going to be dealing with #2 and facebooks decision to automatically limit what you see.

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This Is What Happened...


Facebook quietly rolled out a change that has a dramatic effect on what you see on Facebook. Most people don't even know it happened but will be left wondering that they don't see the same amount of content that they used to.

Facebook changed your profile settings that automatically switched members of groups to receive “HIGHLIGHTS” instead of “ALL POSTS”. Changing this setting in your profile means that you will only see about 1 in 10 posts in your group!

Proportionally, you will see more adverts (Facebook will show you those all day because it makes them money). You may have already experienced this, or just thought that the groups you belong to were just posting less. But the reality is that if the Groups don't pay then you will see less of the group activity.

How Can You Fix This?

1. Go to the Facebook Group Page

2. In the top right-hand corner you will see a box and three dots - click the dots

2. Click on MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS in the dropdown

3. Change setting from “Highlights” to “All Posts”.

Now you get to see everything that is posted in the group - no censorship!

Pass on the word in your other groups. Let's take back control from Facebook, we will decide what we see, not them!

Nick Warrilow, CFO Coaches Business School

Nick Warrilow
CFO Coaches Business School

Nick oversees all of the tech for Coaches Business School

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