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At Coaches Business School we know that you want to earn a decent living from your coaching. In order to do that, you need to build your business and create a stable, reliable income. 

The problem is you are being overloaded with information, you don’t know who to trust and often you’re being taught the wrong things which makes you doubt yourself and lose confidence in your ability to ever build a business that works. 

We want to change that.

We know your success begins with you.

Innovating at the intersection of awakened business, technology and coaching, we are a catalyst for awakening minds, healing the body/mind/spirit, inspiring change and shifting perceptions. We understand exactly what is working in business today, and it’s probably NOT what you think. Join us and help to change the destiny of your business. 

We invite you to become a coach who awakens us all to a better tomorrow.

Coaches Business School is inspired by what makes coaches successful today; awakened humans, smart thinkers, inspiring thought leaders and sustainable change-makers. 

We take a stand for our beliefs:

  • We believe that coaches should be able to earn a good living from their coaching and do this in a purpose-driven and conscious way.
  • We honor the value every individual coach brings to change a mind, a business direction or a life, so that every coach is able to bring forward their personal contribution to build a better world.
  • We want every coach to awaken to their full potential so that more people can benefit from their coaching.
  • We believe your business skills are as important as your coaching skills and more than anything, we know that it is your “being” that drives your “doing”.
  • We take a stand for deeper transformations in life and business.
  • Ultimately, we know that coaches have a powerful calling as facilitators of awakening human potential and as evolutionary guides but they can’t do this effectively when their business is letting them down.

And we stand against poor quality training, false promises and lack of integrity.

Today business building, tomorrow the world.

Coaches Business School is just getting started and we couldn’t be more excited to have so many coaches join our movement.

We’d love you to join us.

Your coach training won’t pay for itself.

Ours will.

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